Solar Panels

Solar PanelsSolar Panels

Solar panels are composed of solar cells, usually made up of crystalline silicon, are arranged in a flat or grid-like pattern on the surface of the solar panels which is used to collect sunlight and convert it into useful electricity.  These panels can come in different shapes and sizes.  When silicon is combined with other elements such as phosphorus and boron, the sun’s energy that hit regular sized solar panels can produce electricity enough to power outdoor lights and low wattage appliances in one’s home.

Solar Panels – Alternative Energy

The use of solar panels is one of the most pursued and discussed topics when it comes to alternative energy sources because of its high potentials.  Most of us do not know that the electricity we are using is created by using fossil fuel.  To acquire such, fossil fuel deposits are dug up everywhere in the planet, refined and consequentially burned to provide us the electricity we need.  In exchange for being able to use fossil fuel electricity, our environment is greatly affected by its extraction, processing and conversion process due to the pollutants it leave behind.  On the other hand, solar panels leave no harmful effects to our planet when produced and used.

Solar Panels – Advantages

Here are a few more advantages of utilizing solar energy in your homes:

  • Reduction or total elimination of your electric bills – Since you will be using solar panels as your power source, you will be less dependent on the power supplied to you expensively.  This way, you are able to manage your energy consumption and save as much money as possible because these panels can last for more than a decade with regular maintenance.  Just imagine the savings one can make!
  • Inexpensive to maintain and no recurring costs – The only major expense that one should incur is during the panels’ initial installation.  In terms of maintenance, your solar panels will only need photovoltaic (PV) cells replacement once in a when damaged.  Aside from this, no other costs will be spent for it to properly function since its main component – sunlight, is free.
  • Quiet and odor free – Electric energy generated from solar panels are noise-free and it does not emit any toxic smell as compared with the use of gas, making it safe for you and the environment as well.

Solar Panels – Conclusion

During this time of financial instability, it could be difficult to convince people to switch into using solar panels as the source of electricity in one’s home due to its initial installation cost.  However, considering the long-term effects of using solar energy, your electricity bills may decrease dramatically.  Try calculating how much money you will be able to save over time upon using solar panels in comparison to the continuous usage of fossil fuel generated energy. When you have solar panels installed, think of it as an investment – both financial and environmental.  Over the years, you will be surprised to know that you are able to save more than the cost to purchase your solar panels, as well as, in your own little way, you are able to do your share in saving mother earth from being continually polluted by using gas, coal, oil or nuclear power.  Our next article covers Solar Water Heaters.